Who We Are

Ritesh & Co is an independent consulting & engineering firm that provides unparalleled and wide array of services to manufacturing and construction industry. We are passionate to provide exceptional experience to ambitious change makers to build their vision by incorporating new technologies keeping in mind the ever-changing demands of the industry, well backed by our seasoned professionals who are committed to give nothing but their best.

We have a clear vision how we can help our customers at every phase of their respective projects- right from the beginning i.e. strategy formulation, design, project management, implementation through our able support, guidance and consultations. Contemplating with the idea for several months, we created Ritesh & Co – where our vision is to deliver quality services to our clients. Ritesh & Co is just not a platform for us to sell our services but our constant endeavor to deliver unique and innovative solutions to clients across the globe. We are a process driven organization with a “client- centric” mindset.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to being recognized as an industry leader by leveraging our extensive experience, engaging our employees and building strong client relationships to deliver above expectations on every project. Our hallmarks of exceptional service to all our customers, outstanding ethical conduct and resolute corporate responsibility to our communities, people and physical environment must be entrenched within our ethos, and translated to our corporate culture, to ensure that we are recognized world-wide as delivering our vision and achieving our mission.

Our Vision

To be the premier company of choice for the solution seeking costumers.

Our Mission

To build a successful and dynamic company with a character of sound integrity, exceptional ethical conduct and resolute responsibility to our community, environment, staff & associates and dedicated to generating benefits for our stakeholders and superior services to our customers.

Our Strength